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Body Waxing that is both expeditious and done with the utmost care for client comfort…

Beginning with a thorough intake/evaluation, discussion of desired results, instruction on breathing techniques during the wax, the highest quality waxes, pre and post-wax soothing oils, and providing extensive aftercare instructions, I take great care with each client. 

I pride myself on creating a safe environment for all my clients.

Waxing can be a vulnerable experience. I welcome first timers, all gender identities, and strive to make each client feel at ease about their choices around hair removal. Yes, I do the Male (genitalia) Brazilian!

I use both a hard and soft wax, customizing their application to the needs of the individual.

The use of hard wax means less skin irritation and, often, less pain! Not all aestheticians are proficient in the use of hard wax and this is one more area where…

My years of experience pay off for my clients:

“Absolutely, hands down, by far the best wax I have ever had!!”
Parks was very pleasant and made me instantly comfortable in a potentially awkward situation.
She used hard wax that barely hurt at all – seriously!
I had minimal redness, no swelling and not a hair to speak of when I left.
Parks attention to detail is wonderful.
I am definitely coming back and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good wax!” 
-Katherine H. 

Brazilian (female genitalia)

Removal of all unwanted hair from the bikini area (mons, vulva) and bum. Jasmine after-wax treatment application. For clients taking testosterone: additional charge my apply due to the amount of hair.

Male Brazilian (male genitalia)

Removal of all unwanted hair from the bikini area (penis, scrotum) and bum. Jasmine after-wax treatment application.
Please note: professional/respectful behavior is expected and nothing less will be tolerated.


Removal of hair to just inside the underwear line. Jasmine after- wax treatment application.

High Bikini

Removal of hair high into the bikini line. Jasmine after wax treatment application.

Lower Leg

Removal of hair from calves, knees and toes. Includes Jasmine after wax treatment.


Gentle Berodin Blue Hard Wax is used to safely remove underarm hair. Soothing lavender, mandarin and peppermint after wax treatment. 


Removal of hair of the back and shoulders. Jasmine after wax treatment application.


Removal of hair of the chest and stomach. Jasmine after wax treatment application.

Important Waxing Guidelines

Hair should be approximately 1/2 inch long. This usually requires 2 weeks of growth after shaving or 4 weeks after waxing. No waxing on clients using skin thinning medications. Tanning, peels & other skin treatments make skin more sensitive to wax. Occasionally coarseness, length of hair and/or larger area may require additional time and, therefore, incur additional charge. If you are waxing for the first time before an important event you must come in, at least, one month prior to ensure that you are not prone to reaction. Waxing is not to be taken lightly, pulling hair out by the root, especially in soft tissue areas comes with risks. Serious side effects can occur.